Collectif Spring/Summer 2020: My top picks

Collectif has started releasing the spring/summer 2020 collection, so here's a sneak peak of the dresses that caught my eye. They will be added to this site as soon as they become available. 

Collectif Dolores Strawberry 1950s Dress

The Dolores dress is one of Collectif's most popular styles and it's bound to be a hit in this pretty strawberry print. Some of the strawberries are cut in half to resemble hearts, making it even cuter!

Worn on or off the shoulder, the Dolores is a comfy dress that flatters all body shapes. This fruity edition is fresh and light - perfect for lazy days in the sun! 

Collectif Jade Strawberry 1950 Dress

The strawberry theme has been adapted for the Jade dress, and is even more stunning (in my humble opinion). The contrast of the strawberries against the turquoise background means that the Jade version a slight edge over the Dolores for me - I like bold colours.

Which one will you choose? I have a feeling that some customers will snap up both, and who could blame them!

Collectif Nova Rainbow Stripe 1950s Dress

The Nova Rainbow Stripe was a major hit in 2018 and 2019, but Collectif must believe that there is plenty of mileage left in this dress; it is one of the main items they are promoting in this year's spring/summer collection.

It sold out fast in previous years so the restock will be welcomed by people who missed out before.

Collectif Nova Candy Rainbow 1950s DressThe amazing popularity of the rainbow dress led to the creation of the Nova Candy Rainbow edition. Thank you Collectif for spoiling us! 

As much as I like the original, and thought that Collectif had hit the jackpot with it, I actually prefer the new version. The wider stripes are bolder and that appeals to me.

The dress is available here but some of the sizes have sold out - this beauty is popular too!

Collectif Nova Pineapple 1950s Dres

It looks like Collectif have hit the ball out of the park with another new Nova - this time with pineapples.

Imagine being on your summer holidays in this cool number after a hard day of sunbathing, sipping a pina colada... It's more likely that I will be in my local in rainy Manchester but we can but dream 😭. It really is the perfect summer dress. 

Collectif Hepburn Cherries 1950s Dress

Continuing with the fruity theme, the Hepburn Cherry Love is another dress that will be making its way into my wardrobe.

The Hepburn style doesn't seem to be a popular as the Dolores and Nova but I find it flattering for my body shape. That's the great thing about the vintage style - you don't have to be super thin and youthful to find something that makes you look and feel good.

Collectif Caterina Sleeveless Green 1950s Dress

My favourite style of Collectif dress is the Caterina, so I was pleased to see this sleeveless version for the warmer months. It's practical for everyday wear but it could be jazzed up with accessories for a more glamorous look. 

I'm excited about getting my hands on this. I hope that my arms actually get some exspoure in the Manchester summer, and that they're not covered up in a warm cardy!

Collectif Dolores Tropicalia 1950s Dress

Last but not least, the Dolores Tropicalia Dress. The toucan and tropical fern print gives this dress a Tiki vibe. Isn't it gorgeous? Oh to be wearing this dress while drinking cocktails in a colourful Tiki bar (there's a theme developing here!).



If you would like to pre-order any of these dresses then please email or contact me through the messaging function on the site.

No fee Klarna or ClearPay payment plans can be used to pay for the goods when they arrive.


UPDATE 26.03.20

Due to the coronvirus pandemic most of these dresses have been delayed in China. It is unclear when they will arrive and the uncertainty facing this business means that I can no longer guarantee that I will stock them this season.


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