You can choose either Pay in 30 days or Pay in 3 instalments with Klarna. No fees or interest are applied.



Buy it. Love it. Pay for it.

  • 30 days to pay with no interest or fees for the service 
  • Try your goods before paying
  • Simple, safe and secure

Shop with just a few clicks!

1. Select ‘Pay later’ at checkout.

2. Enter a few personal details - name, email, postcode and DOB. No card information required!

3. Complete the purchase and your items will be shipped.

4. Receive payment instructions from Klarna via email.

5. Enjoy your goods and pay when you’re ready!

Pay later FAQs.


Pay in 3 instalments with Klarna

Pay later in 3 equal instalments.

  • Get what you love now. Pay over time.
  • One part payment at purchase and 2 further payments at 30 and 60 days
  • Automatically collected monthly from your chosen debit or credit card
  • No interest or fees - ever
  • No credit application required
  • Simple and safe

Shop with just a few clicks!

1. Select ‘Pay later in 3’ at checkout.

2. Enter your address, email, mobile and card details.

3. The first part payment will be taken from your card when the goods ship.

4. Receive your goods and enjoy!

5. The two remaining payments will be taken at 30 and 60 days. You will receive notifications when payment is due and when it is collected.

Pay later in 3 FAQs.

Shopping with Klarna

You can review your latest buys and settle your monthly statement at any time by logging in at or by downloading the Klarna app.

If you need further assistance you can contact Klarna's customer care team for free, or use the online chat service.


Peace of mind with Klarna’s Buyer Protection

You only pay for goods you receive. If you don't receive what you ordered, contact Klarna customer services and we’ll help resolve the issue.

More about Klarna’s Buyer Protection


Contact Klarna

If you need further assistance you can contact Klarna’s customer care team for free.

Please find links below to Klarna's website where you can find more information on Pay later.

Click here for information regarding Pay later.
Click here for frequently asked questions or Klarna's Customer Service
Local number: 0203 0050 833
Freephone number: 0808 1893 333


About Klarna

It’s all about smoooth (yes, with 3 ooo’s). Klarna is Europe’s leading alternative payments provider and a newly-licensed bank, which wants to revolutionise the payment experience for shoppers and merchants alike. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005, the fintech unicorn gives online consumers the option to pay now, pay later or over time – offering a trusted, frictionless and smoooth checkout experience.

With Klarna, customers only need to provide top-of-mind information to complete a purchase. At the core of Klarna’s services is Pay later, which lets you check out items in your own home before you pay.

Klarna now works with 100,000 merchants to offer payment solutions to shoppers across Europe and North America. Klarna has 2,000 employees and is active in 14 countries.